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Answering Your Questions

How much do I need to know about law to volunteer?

You don't need to know anything about the law before getting started. Our training program will teach you everything you need to know to make an impact.

Is there a set minimum/maximum age to volunteer?

There is no set minimum or maximum age to volunteer with our organization. For volunteers below high school, we would like to obtain permission from parents, as many cases can contain murder, sexual assault, and other serious topics. For older volunteers, our mission is to empower youth. While there is no set age limit, you must fit within our mission to be a part of the organization.

What will I be doing when I volunteer?

As a new volunteer, you will be working with a team to evaluate a case. This will involve gathering and summarizing court documents, investigating leads, and contacting attorneys. Once the case is either rejected or passed on to an attorney, you and your team will move on to the next case.

I've graduated college. How can I get involved?

Our organization is focused on youth, so there are no positions for adults. However, donations are always appreciated, and if you want to use our platform to educate the community, feel free to contact us to be a guest speaker!

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