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Ways to Help

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Join Our Efforts

We are always looking for more high school and college volunteers. To start as a student volunteer working on cases, start on our training program, or, if you want to volunteer in other parts of the organization (education, outreach, etc.), contact us.

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Make a Difference in Your Community

So much of the world remains uninformed about innocent people locked up by a flawed criminal justice system. Visit our blog to further learn about the tragic stories and facts of wrongful convictions. Watch TV shows and movies on wrongful convictions with your family. Share what you discover with your own community. We volunteers may not be able to change public opinion alone, but all our voices together can make an incredible impact.


A tax-deductible donation will help us pay for the many expenses in the legal world, including:

  • Transporting/scanning case files (which can contain thousands of pages)

  • Flying members to the scene of the crime, witness meetings, trial hearings, and innocence conferences

  • Re-entry support for exonerees awaiting compensation

  • Fees for expert opinions, private investigators, legal motions, and other services in the pursuit of justice

  • Compensating full-time employees of our organization (who currently have to work other jobs alongside volunteer work)

  • Running promotional campaigns to obtain cases and recruit volunteers

With your help, we can recruit more volunteers to work on more wrongful conviction cases with more efficient tools, helping ever more innocent individuals reclaim their freedom.


If you want to pay through Apple Pay or Google Pay, click on the link here.

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